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With the Indian government finally moving towards legalising Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the introduction of Bitcoin Cash will possibly complicate things a bit.Before getting into the explicit differences between these two terms, both of them should be clearly defined. defines a hard fork as follows.

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There is a contingent of bitcoin users who disagree with the hard fork.

Advertisement Advertisement Over the past few years, despite the lack of regulations in the Indian digital currency industry, a few exchanges have sprung up.

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If we see another successful bitcoin fork, the new Segwit2x-enabled Bitcoin will allow more transactions to occur in each 10.This was by far the best explanation of it all I have ever read.

The exchanges have teamed up with a number of self-regulated trading platforms, equipped with strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering systems.

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July 12, 2017 by Daryl Naidoo 19 Comments. This is where the Bitcoin fork comes into play.Bitcoin miners appear to be increasingly averting a hard fork as OKCoin takes no chances with user funds.

As per a 2016 report, India boasts more than 50,000 wallets.

Warangal-based Bitxoxo will be supporting the newly-created Bitcoin Cash.

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Something a little like that is going on with the bitcoin fork,.

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BIP 148, is a bit more radical and entails the formation of an entirely new chain with larger block sizes of around 8 MB.Biotech and Pharma Alerts Penny Stocks Alerts Energy Watch Tech Watch Dividend Stocks Alerts Small Cap Stocks Alerts Apple Updates Facebook Updates Amazon Updates Google Updates Exxon Updates IPO Watch Stocks to Watch.The BIP 91 proposal focusses on the integration of SegWit2X, which could potentially double the size of blocks on the blockchain.This will, in turn, make it difficult for the new cryptocurrency to gain traction in India.At Unocoin, we are only supporting the traditional Bitcoin core and we are waiting for it to become stable to latch on to it.

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In February, a compromise solution was proposed and agreed to by many in the Bitcoin community, including many of the biggest Bitcoin miners.

The day of reckoning for bitcoin community is here as the bitcoin fork is now underway with Bitcoin Cash nodes becoming operational in its.I sold my Bitcoin before the fork because it was at Coinbase, but still own a good bit of Ether and LC.It was originally proposed as part of the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 148.Everyone agreed that a solution was needed, but disagreed on what that solution should be.