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Without ongoing, relationship-building communications, prospects who may once.Bitcoin, which was reeling. its slide until early Friday morning amid uncertainty about the future of the cryptocurrency and other.But any commodity market - and money is a commodity - is subject to manipulation, as the recent energy trading and LIBOR scandals remind us.Bitcoin is a currency, or medium of exchange, that lets buyers and sellers exchange goods and services without using cash issued by the government.The biggest communication mistake financial advisors make is letting your list get cold.And it may be that in the future,. and some of those challenges. this is not about Bitcoin.Our entire economic system rests on the principle of trust and faith in the shared currency we call the dollar.

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Ethereum can harm Bitcoin over the. then change your U.S. dollars into Bitcoin or Ether (the currency used on.

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The government has not yet cracked Bitcoin encryption, so for now transactions details are safe from prying eyes.At the same time, financial regulators have taken steps to pull Bitcoin toward compliance with currency laws.Although the financial status quo may evolve over time, fundamental change will not arise merely because geeks, speculators, and criminals think it is a good idea.Opinions expressed by Forbes. and how the related issues influence the future.Value is set purely in relation to supply and demand without third-party knowledge, fees, or external interference.

How popular can a currency become when the price is wildly volatile and liquidity is not guaranteed.Internet-based disintermediation has hit virtually every industry.What will be the future role of financial institutions in response to continually shifting customer.Blockchain technology is a nascent innovation that is providing evolving applications in finance every day.Bitcoin Risk Analysis. Bitcoin may signal future challenges.

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Bitcoin’s Golden Future.The surprise is not that it has taken this long, the surprise is that Bitcoin has done this so well.

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Conventional currency works precisely because we trust that it is reliable, ubiquitous, and relatively stable.Without government backing, Bitcoin is subject is to wild swings in valuation based on speculation and greed.I beg you, vote NO to send a message that false arguments cannot be allowed to win this serious and reasoned debate.

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Then, you go to the ATM for cash but there is none available because the banks have all run out of money.Bitcoin requires government support to become anything more than niche plaything for geeks and a means for criminals to avoid detection.And the wider its use, the less easy it is to manipulate its value.Although Bitcoin will retain utility as an efficient currency transfer mechanism, the days of Wild West freedom operating outside the law are over.

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The debate only answers whether you think Bitcoin can become a national currency.

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However, whether the government, or anyone else, cracks the Bitcoin encryption is beside the point.Bitcoin is, by design, built entirely on speculation, and its huge fluctuations have demonstrated that.Barring the governmental takeover and destruction of the Bitcoin infrastructure, Bitcoin will most likely see slowly declining value as demand drops and the number of vendors accepting it declines.BICOIN AS CURRENCY OF FUTURE: PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES. derivatives can reduce the daily volatility in price of Bitcoin in future.

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Bitcoin as a mathematical concept is scalable but the infrastructure is not currently in place to make that scale possible.

However, the issue of software platform robustness is completely beside the point, because scalability is purely a function of investment and time.Bitcoin does come with a unique set of challenges. to its clients and prospects and does not endorse. of future results and EconoTimes.

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A well-managed and widely accepted national currency has some real advantages.I agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Video Services Policy.

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Because Bitcoin does not rely on centralized authorities for administration, it appeals, philosophically, to a certain segment of society.Currency Exchange Software Global Market 2017- By Type, Technology Used, Key Platform, Challenges, Strategies, Solutions And Future Forecast to 2021.How marketplaces evolve in relation to a nongovernmental web-based currency remains to be seen.The swings in value are due to changes in demand and probably manipulation.Prospects and Perspectives, Speech at. D., 2013, Is Bitcoin a Real Currency.