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Working Prototype 2017-01-31 2017-05-21 346 ThanksCoin Reputation ranking and monetary reward of Internet users ThanksCoin reputation, social, network, rewards, money MIT Ethereum 7.I want to bring the community attention on the BANCOR ICO because i think that could pose a major threat to the ethereum ecosystem, I will.Demo 2015-04-22 2017-05-24 371 DAERS Autonomous emergency reporting system mizutaka emergency, notification, security, system, location MIT Ethereum 4.Abandoned 2016-04-03 2016-04-03 47 CubeSpawn Modular Manufacturing James Jones manufacturing, modular, system, flexible, open source Ethereum 4.

Demo 2015-08-17 2017-06-12 436 Taxeme A component of the resilience taxation system Johan Ngyren tax, resilience, system, accounting, budget MIT Ethereum 5.Working Prototype 2015-08-26 2016-05-17 63 Etheramid Social invitation game with reward Etheramid social, game, invitation, address, wallet MIT Ethereum 8.Work in Progress 2017-08-04 2017-08-04 601 Dice.IM A transparent provably fair dice game Dice.IM Team game, bet, provably, fair, chance Free Ethereum 6.Concept 2017-06-22 2017-06-22 491 Inflekt Open source community network and events platform Consensys community, network,events, event, platform, open source Ethereum 5.Work In Progress 2017-05-06 2017-05-06 247 BlockTix Management of event tickets or passes Blocktix tickets, events, advertising, management, shows GPL Ethereum 5.Abandoned 2016-07-04 2016-07-04 94 blockchain2email A smart contract API to send emails NS email, API, interface, contact, notification Copyright Ethereum 7.Stealth Mode 2017-08-20 2017-08-20 636 coinvoting Community reviewing voting platform Parag Arora ERC20, voting, community, coins, tokens EPL Ethereum 8.Work in Progress 2016-03-21 2016-08-08 112 Cetas Adaptive data intelligence Algorythmix kyc, identity, digital, economics, compliance proprietary Ethereum 6.

Work in Progress 2017-06-28 2017-06-28 525 REX Real estate free global listing network Stephen King, Russel McLernon P2P, global, token, real estate, brokers Ethereum 5.Live 2017-05-24 2017-07-02 517 An exchange platform for trading tokens on-chain Kieran Elby exchange, decentralized, assets, contracts, trading Mixed Ethereum 7.

Concept 2015-08-10 2017-06-20 485 WeiLend P2P Lending Massi Terzi loan, finance, borrow, corwdfunding, P2P Apache Ethereum Blog. Reminder: last day to claim your DAO to ETC refund.Live 2017-04-04 2017-07-06 0xD8a5b0D3CB3B00113A0cD96856926Dc555D9e752 334 Populus Smart-contract development framework Piper Merriam development, smart-contracts, buildind, sphinx, projects MIT Ethereum 7.Work in Progress 2015-11-23 2016-06-04 76 ReGa P2P insurance platform Sergei Sevriugin insurance, p2p, scoring, instech, mobileapp MIT Ethereum 8.Working Prototype 2015-09-30 2017-06-06 419 Amply Revolutionize early childhood development in Africa smartid, education, social, cultural, children Ethereum 6.Concept 2015-04-29 2017-06-19 466 Lost Ethereum Recovery of provably Lost Ethereum as LostEthtokens Matt Branton proof-of-burn, typo, misspelled, LOST, recovery GPL3 Ethereum 8.Work in Progress 2017-08-02 2017-08-02 593 SafeCommerce Trustless reputation escrow exchange SafeCommerce team exchange, trustless, reputation, escrow, discount GPL 3.0 Ethereum 5.Working Prototype 2017-03-11 2017-03-11 204 xapout Consultancy services Michael Kwaaitaal consultancy, organisational, transformation, lean, corporations Open Ethereum 4.

Work In Progress 2017-06-19 2017-06-19 473 ClimateCoin Coins for those who offset carbon Dennis Peterson subcurrency, climate, carbon, global, social MIT Ethereum 4.Concept 2015-07-20 2017-06-20 476 FunFair Casino game platform Jez San game, fun, casino, gambling, chance proprietary Ethereum 6.Concept 2017-06-23 2017-06-08 424 OpenRep A solidity smart contract based reputation system with UI James Sangalli reputation, smart-contract, deployment, address MIT Ethereum 5.Michal Stefanow edited this page Jul 27, 2017. Bancor. Our crowdfund will.Working Prototype 2015-10-02 2016-06-17 85 SmartK Make your NDA Smart Harm Bavinck legal Ethereum 1.

Live 2016-12-07 2016-12-07 158 DealMate Escrow smart contract between two parties with an intermediary Gleb Nazarkin escrow, smart-contract, deal, intermediary, deposit WIP Ethereum 7.Demo 2017-07-14 2017-07-14 560 OX Enabling investors and speculators with financial tools Darwin investment, trading, finance, speculations, probability GPU Ethereum 5.Concept 2017-08-04 2017-08-04 600 EventChain Smart Ticketing platform Jonathan J Waller events, tickets, distribution, management, service Ethereum 5.Demo 2017-06-12 2017-06-13 443 TokenEscrow Contract for running an escrow service for Ethereum token-contracts Alex Beregszaszi escrow, token, finance, contracts MIT Ethereum 5.Working Prototype Blockchain based affiliate platform Jan Sammut, Alex Anter Affiliate, token, marketing, branding, mainstream Ethereum 5.Live 2017-05-20 2017-05-21 312 APPII Online profile and credentials for employement APPII recruitment, career, management, employment, credentials Private Ethereum 7.Work In Progress 2016-03-21 2016-03-21 37 iudex Smart contract based reputation system Alex Beregszaszi, Thomas Bertani reputation, smart contract, accounts, scoring, system MIT Ethereum 7.

Concept 2017-06-26 2017-06-26 506 Decentralized News Network A fact-based political news platform curated by the community Samit Singh, Dondrey Taylor news, politics, network, community, decentralized, neutrality, press Ethereum 7.Concept 2017-05-09 2017-05-20 298 Lunyr Crowdsourced encyclopedia with reward system Lunyr infomation, encyclopedia, wiki, rewards, sharing open Ethereum 5.Work In Progress 2016-09-30 2016-09-30 129 Bitualcard Ethereum Ferex Option John Lee option, forex Ethereum 8.

Work in Progress 2017-05-09 2017-06-27 515 PostOak Create instant network portals Hani Yakan network, portal, share, scan, collaborate Ethereum 4.Weekly draw Daniel Mermelstein, Glynn Bird lottery Apache Ethereum 1.Working Prototype 2017-08-07 2017-08-07 608 MiniWager Win ether playing games Nick Kearney games, bets, wager, chance, money CA Ethereum 6.